I love to do art!! I like to draw graffiti and draw cars, we started art lasted year and i chose art over band. I  didn’t really like band.

I like to draw in my spare time, at home, school or at lunch if i can! we are doing water colour right now i don’t mind it but i would much rather be learning how to draw cool things, but it’s kinda cool.


watercolor_eagle_by_eyvindwolf-d67o5fsthis is en example of water color.

This is a picture of  3d perspective cars, click the link below.pintrest cars


There are lots of styles of Graffiti

their is

wild style


block buster




throw-up, tag and many more. click the link for details.



My very first Blog

My name is Carter I live in Canada! I like most sports, I play some school sports such as volley ball, badminton and track. I like to bike and scooter (little better at scootering), and enjoy being outside.

I learn best from when someone explains it to me in a way I can understand or being showed how to do it, maybe with examples or just when in ask for help. And when I’m not in school I usually listen or try my best.

In my perspective I don’t really have a way of learning I just understand, I guess the teacher just makes it make sense.